St. Cloud Boxing Club/The Boxers Workout Gym Newsletter 2006



The St. Cloud Boxing Club incorporated itself Sept. 2004 while the Boxers Workout Gym was incorporated in June 1996 and also has 501©3 tax exempt status.


Try something New:

We provide the opportunity to box in area, regional, state, and national competitions.  We provide the opportunity for all levels of boxers to experience success.


What’s Been Happening:

Sept. 10 at St. Paul:  6 matches that day.  We fought at Brunette’s Gym outside, unfortunately it rained on us and it was moved inside.  Only Gabe Lindberg has a fight. 1 match that afternoon.


Sept. 16 at Winona:  we traveled to Winona for an afternoon show.  13 matches that day.  Gabe & Andrew Lindberg each fought and Andrew Hyser had a match as well.

3 matches that day




Sept. 18, 19, & 20 was our registration for all boxers for the OFFICIAL start of season which will run to April 30, 2007.


Oct. 6 at Brooklyn Park:  3 matches, Matt Nykodym fought.  1 match for us.


Oct. 21 at UpperCut Gym:  12 matches that night.  Gabe & Andrew Lindberg each fought again, and Jason Carlson fought his first match.  3 matches for us


Oct. 28 at Clearwater Legion:  This was our first home show of the season.  7 total matches, we had 5 matches for us.  Gabe & Andrew each fought.  Andrew Hyser had his 2nd match.  Vitali K. and Nate P. each had their first match of year


Nov. 18 at UpperCut Gym:  14 matches that night.  We had 3 matches.  (1-2)

Nov. 18 at Brunettes Gym:  8 matches that night.  We had 3 matches.  (2-1)


The St. Cloud Boxing Club success stems from a fun structured learning atmosphere.


Goals:  our goal is to have 1-2 fights per month per boxer.  Practice is three nights per week and one Saturday per month.  The average high school athlete practices 5x/wk.

Coaching Staff:


B.J. Anderson:   309-8123

Jason Dumler:

Larry Hillman:  492-7696

Matt Bellanger:

Scott Kelm-       : 363-1071

Jerry Valdez & Brad Freeman


220-7th Avenue South

St. Cloud, MN  56301


Gym/office phone:  654-0202




Nov. 4   at Hayward, Wisconsin

Nov. 11 at St. Cloud Armory, other club

Nov. 18 at UpperCut Gym

Nov. 18 at Brunette’s Gym

Dec.  9  at  UpperCut Gym

Dec.  9  at Wadena Armory

Dec. 16 at  Brunette’s Gym

Dec. 22 to Jan. 2  Xmas Break

Jan. 6     open date

Jan. 13  at Fergus Falls Eagles Club