St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Club & The Boxers Workout Gym

  Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007 Sanction #27-30-042



                   Red Corner                                                      Blue Corner                                       Mins

Jacob Albers         8 St. Cloud                   75-80    Kenny Richards  9   Wis, Team Amos           1 


LeRoy Tresco       10 St. Cloud                 82-87    James Younng 11      Wis, Team Amos       1                                     


Larry Tresco        10 St. Cloud                  92-97    Jesse Barthel    12      Wis, Team Amos          1


Brett Abernathy   10 St. Cloud                  87-92    Chi-king Chazonkhreze,    Brunette’s Gym    1


Pueblo Rubalcava 17  Mason City Iowa 130-135 Dominic Campillo 16  Brunette’s Gym     1 1/2


              INTERMISSION & Announcement of Prizes

                               (all matches & times  are subject to change due to illness or other matters)


Girls:  Andrea Manzanarias 16  Wisc               130-140  Sami Razado     15   Wis, Team Amos       1 1/2


Geny Ulloa          33 St. Cloud               160-165  Marcus Neeld    30   Australia (St. Cloud)   2


                                                   Semi-Main Event      

Brenden Feiler    22 St. Cloud               132-137   Jay Lee              20  Brunette’s Gym            2

                                       The Main Event

Shane Antonson  23 St. Cloud           165-170   Rober Brandt        17   White Bear Lake          2  




Coaching Staffs:


St. Cloud— Jason Dumler, Jay Gould, John Wilkens, Loren Laudenbach, and Curt Speas

White Bear Lake:  Emmit Yanez, Larry Goodman

Wisconsin, Team Amos:  Steve Amos                           

Brunette’s Gym, St. Paul:  Al Brunette, Bob Brunette

Tommy Jo’s Gym, Mason City Iowa:  Tommy Baltierra


Doctor:                   Dr. Kevin Stiles         Referees:            Butch Anderson, Bob Brunette, Lefty Kleis

Chief of Officials:  Dan Joyce                 Announcer:         Bob Erickson    

Clerk & Timer:     Dede Schill               Weigh Master:    Curt Speas & B.J. Anderson

Judges:  Dan Joyce,  John Wilken, Will Fuecker, John Anderson, and John’s lovely wife.


General membership meetings are every third Wednesday of the month from 7pm - 9pm

If interested in helping out contact the boxing club (320)654-0202 or 1-888-754-0202


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       St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling  220 7th Avenue South St. Cloud, MN  56301