St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Clubs, Inc.

220 7th Avenue south

St. Cloud, MN  56301

To:      St. Cloud Daily Times, Sports Dept., Two-Minute Drill

From: Scott Kelm, St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Club

Date:            2/13/2007

Re:     Amateur Boxing Results

St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Club Amateur Boxing Results from Hayward, Wisconsin, Saturday Feb. 10, 2007.  Teams from British Columbia, Canda, Milwaukee Christian Center, Hayward, Wisconsin,  St. Croix, Wisconsin, Twin Ports, Duluth.  There were over 31 matches Saturday night.  St. Cloud’s results:

60 lbs.   Frankie Lopez, Kenosha, Wis        3rd rd. dec. over Dane Long, St. Cloud

75 lbs.   Bronson Kagigebi, Hayward, Wis. 3rd rd. dec. over LeRoy Tresko, St. Cloud

85 lbs.   Chad Merritt, Hayward, Wis.         3rd rd. dec. over Larry Tresko, St. Cloud

90lbs.    Francisco Beltran, Milwaukee, Wis.  3rd rd. dec. over Joey Curtis, St. Cloud

138lbs.  Asmara Polcyn, Canada               3rd rd. dec. Sarah Miskanis, St. Cloud

152lbs.  Brenden Feiler, St. Cloud           3rd.rd. dec. Armando Reyes, Milwaukee, Wis

154lbs.  Leroy Walters, Hayward, Wis.      3rd rd. dec. over Sam Skramstad, St. Cloud

Hwt.      Jeremiah Newbarry, Canada        3rd rd. dec. over Michael Rye, St. Cloud

Hwt.       Matt Jarrott, St. Cloud                  3rd rd. dec. over Tim McShane,  Duluth


St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Club will be going to East Grand Forks for its next show Feb. 17.   For more information on part two of the boxing season please contact the club at 654-0202.