St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Clubs, Inc. 220 7th Avenue South

St. Cloud, MN  56301

To:      All boxers

Date:            1/30/2007

Re:            Upcoming Events

1)      Scrimmage January 27: Boxers, we are having a boxing “sparring” event this Saturday starting at noon and running till 3:00pm or so.  A team from Heyword, Wisconsin will be coming up and bringing about twenty boxers, (girls and little kids included).  Please show up by 11:45am to stretch out, warm up, and wrap your hands and be prepared for some sparring.  Your first couple of rounds will be two rounds of just jabs (just lefts).  We are NOT here to hurt, harm, or knock out anybody, but to get in as many rounds as possible.  DONOT FORGET YOUR MOUTHGUARD or you will NOT box.

2)      Saturday February 10: we will be traveling to Heyword, Wisconsin (3 hours and 44 minutes from St. Cloud) for a boxing show at the Ramada Inn Hotel.  We will be leaving Friday at 6pm and staying at the Ramada Inn that night.  We might come home Saturday night after the fights unless you want to stay over.  Team Canada and Team Wisconsin will be participating.  There will be about 20-24 fights that night.                                   

a.  Fighter interviews on Saturday 10am

b.  Weigh-ins at noon on Saturday.

c.  Fights start at 6pm or so Saturday night.

d.  We leave the gym Friday Feb. 9 at 6pm and arrive at hotel 10pm.

e.  We are trying to get as many fights as possible, I WANT TO KNOW YOUR COMMITMENT BY THURSDAY FEB. 1 if you can go or want a fight.  If you donot tell me or don’t know, that will mean NO!

3)      Fights every Weekend:  There will be fights every weekend now till the end of March.  Practice will continue until May 8.  The State tourney for 10-16 year olds will be May 5 & 6 in Detroit Lakes (might change)

4) Mandatory: You will practice 2-3x per week to be elgible to fight.