St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling Club & The Boxers Workout Gym

Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Saturday, October 25, 2008 Sanction #28-30-039


Red Corner Blue Corner Mins


Jose Silva 10 White Bear Lk 70-78 Adam Stenning (pts) 9 Believers Gym 1


Ashton Minier 10 Hastings 80-85 Charles Oothoudt (pts) 10 Leech Lake 1


Levi Scott 10 St. Cloud 101-109 Jesus Rivera (pts) 12 White Bear Lk 1


Alecjandro Contreas 10 St. Cloud 104-108 Breayan Silva (pts) 11 White Bear Lk 1

Ari Cully 12 St. Cloud 116-124 Flecia Minier (retire-1) 11 Hasting 1


Taylor Wasserman 14 St. Cloud 136-144 Ben Musha (pts) 15 White Bear Lake 1

Jesse Axelson 16 St. Cloud 132-135 Damien Thompson (pts)15 Leech Lake 1


(all matches are subject to change due to illness or other matters)

Marcus Engmark 19 St. Cloud 172-182 J.R. Robinson (rsc-2) Leech Lake 1


Chuck Engmark (pts) 22 St. Cloud 156-165 Lin Yang 17 White Bear Lk 2


Thomas Yang 17 White Bear Lk 120 _________________________________

Maurice Fuller 21 White Bear Lk 150 _________________________________

Humberto Cordero 25 Bare Knuckles 164 _________________________________

Nick Christensen 15 Hastings 120-125 _________________________________


Patricia Ezepue 22 St. Cloud 138-144 Annie Griffin (pts) 17 Believers Gym 2

Main Event

Brenden Feiler (rsc-2) 23 St. Cloud 144-150 Dolores Cordero 28 Bare Knuckles 2


Coaching Staff:

St. Cloud Head Coach: Jason Dumler,

Assistant Coaches: Curt Speas, B.J. Anderson, John Wilkens, and Loren Laudenbach

Visiting Teams:

Hastings Boxing Academy: Fernando Ortiz

White Bear Lake: Larry Goodman & Emmitt Yanez

Bare Knuckles Gym in Eagan: Alex Otempa

Believers Gym in Forest Lake: Rachel Schley

Team Amos, Wisconsin: Steve Amos (could not come to the show this time with his team)

Presiding Officials:

Doctor: Dr. Kevin Stiles Referees: Butch Anderson & Bobby Brunette

Chief of Officials: Dan Joyce Judges: Dan Joyce, Bruce Lenzen, and ______________


General membership meetings are every third Sunday of the month from 1pm - 3pm

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St. Cloud Boxing & Wrestling 220 7th Avenue South St. Cloud, MN 56301